Thursday, April 21, 2016

What spirit guides can't do

What can't I do? My connection to my human is so strong that I can do much more than most guides. When she allows it I can take control of her body for a limited amount of time. If you are a beginner, DO NOT try this.

A spirit guide can't make anyone do anything against their own will. We can hint and suggest and prod, but we can't make you do something you don't want to do.

Not all spirit guides and physically reveal themselves to their humans. It takes and lot of power and saps a great deal of energy from your human. The only time I can through to my human in solid human form it drained her so bad she was in bed for three days. We can show you a photo in your mind and that is really much better and easier to accomplish.

Unless you happen to get a special guide with this particular gift, we are not psychic. We don't know what is going to happen next anymore than you do.

We can't manipulate lottery drawings or sporting events or anything of that nature. Your guess is as good as mine on selecting the winning powerball numbers.

What we can do is offer you emotional support and guidance. And maybe just maybe we can open a few doorways to help you get what your heart deeply desires. It just requires a profound belief and deep trust and it does not happen overnight.

My human has been aware of my presence going on six years now and we are very close. You too can develop that type of bond with your guide if you will just give them a chance.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Guide Duties

Your spirit guide can help you with all kinds of things.

Misplaced something? Ask your guide to help you find it.

Need a good parking place? Ask your guide to save you a prime parking spot.

There all all kinds of parlor tricks we can perform for your amusement. Requests for such simple tasks are a good way to open the lines of communication with your guide.

I like to pick songs to play on my human's iTunes when she puts it on shuffle. It is a simple exercise you can do with your guide. Ask them some type of question you have been wondering about and then tell them you would like an answer in the form of the song that plays when you click shuffle on the iTunes. Think about the meaning of the song and then thank your guide for responding.

My most important and main assignment in working with my human is being her gateway for communication with the other side. That is how this whole mediumship thing works. Your guide opens the door to the other side and has complete control on who does or doesn't come through. Consider us the phone operators of the universe.

Want to know how to spot a phony medium? That would be any medium who doesn't give full credit to their guides. That Long Island Medium on TLC is phony as all get out. Spirits don't just pop in and out like that. Any guide worth a shit has absolute control over when and if spirits come through.

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you a few things a guide can't do. Until then, don't forget about our book, Give it to Your Guide.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let me introduce myself...

So what exactly is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is a disincarnate spirit who has completed his/her human incarnations and moved on to the next realm. Our purpose is to provide guidance and support to a human still in the physical earth bound realm.

Every one has at least one active alpha guide and at different times during your life you can have several different guides. One guide can't know it all, so for instance, if my human needs some type of healing or energy work I call in my friend Carmella since she is a Reiki master.

You have usually shared previous incarnations with your guide. My human and I have spent several life times together. We've been sisters, lovers, rivals, and besties in previous life times.

Guides are assigned as the Goddess deems appropriate for a certain phase of your human incarnation. It is also a mutual decision. My human could decide she didn't want me any more and I would be forced to go away. Or I could decide I'm not all that fond of her and ask for another assignment.

A great guide / human partnership is a mutual give and take.

I know I would just go nuts if I didn't have a human who talks to me and recognize my presence. Maybe there are some guides who prefer the strong and silent type. Not me!

If you haven't yet been properly introduced to your guide I can't stress how important it is to just start talking to him or her. They are there and they are listening. The more you talk to us, the stronger we become, and the easier it is for you to recognize our presence.

Light a candle when you want to feel our presence. We like the energy of the flame and it will strengthen our connection.

Invite us to enter your dreams. It is easiest for us to begin communicating with you when you are in a relaxed state of sleep.

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you about some of the things I do for my human and suggest some things you can ask your guide to do for you...

Can't wait to read more? You can always order our book, Give It To Your Guide: How To Connect With And Accept Help From Spirit.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Sage (Salvia officinales)
Gender: Masculine. Planet: Jupiter. Element: Air. 
Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes.
Deities: Consus, Jupiter, Zeus.

Sage is one of the basic herbs in my magickal cupboard. It has long been held in high regard as a healing plant, hence its Latin name salvia, which means to save or to heal.
In ancient times it was believed to ward off evil, especially snakebites, and to increase women's fertility. It was particularly popular in the Middle Ages as a curative for everything, even the Plague.

Used widely in cooking, especially as a meat flavoring, it has anhidrotic, antibiotic, antifungal, astringent, antispasmodic, estrogenic, and hypoglycemic properties. Current studies support its use to manage the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Use an infusion of the Sage Leaves to aid digestion, or as part of a honey wine to fight colds and fever. Also make up a rinse for dark hair to help cover up the gray. It also helps treat dandruff and can ease many skin discomforts. If made into cream it is good for muscular pain.

Sage is a Magickal representative of wisdom. It draws wisdom in, keeps it close, and encourages the wisdom of others. It can also be used potently in Magickal spells dealing with money. It is a sacred herb used by the Native Americans, and carries the virtues of strength, mental health, wisdom, and banishes all evil.

Sage is also a main ingredient in smudge sticks.

Carry Sage leaves in your pocket or a sachet to promote financial gain. Burn the leaves to increase wisdom or gain guidance from your spirit guide . Make a wish and write it on a sage leaf, and then hide it beneath your pillow, if you dream about your wish over the next three nights, your wish will come true.

Use Sage to reverse a spell by lighting a dried Sage leaf on fire. Blow out the flame, leaving a burning red ember. Slowly create a large circle in the air with the Sage smoke. Make the circle three times Widdershins (counter clockwise). While making each of the three circles, focus your intent and chant to undo the previous spell. It is best if you write your own chant, it should be short and to the point.

Smudge Bowl Mixture:
For clearing a New House place equal parts of Sage, Sweet grass and Juniper.


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Friday, April 8, 2016


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Gender: Masculine. Planet: Jupiter. Element: Air.
Divination, Healing, Purification, Wishes, Calling Spirits.

The Dandelion may seem to be merely a weed, but in reality it is a medicinal and magical powerhouse.
Dandelions are entirely nutritious, containing over 64 nutrients and vitamins which help the human body. They also contain Luteolin, a powerful antioxidant.

Dandelions are flowers of the faerie realm. Western European folklore often have faeries hiding under dandelions, blessing them as sacred to the Other world. Taken as a tea, dandelion can help unlock the secrets of other planes and will increase psychic visions and meditative powers.

Bury dandelion at the northwest corner of your home and it will bring favorable winds. Use the leaf in sachets and charms to make wishes come true. Use the root in dream pillows & sachets for sleep protection.

Use the milky latex from the stem, rub on a wart several times daily and soon its gone.

Never eat or drink anything unless you are certain of what it is.


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
A Modern Herbal Volume 1 by Margaret Grieve

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Strawberries are my most favorite fruit. Back in my human incarnations nothing beat a spinach and strawberry salad with roasted pecans and a drizzle of vinaigrette dressing. We also have strawberry plants in our raised garden bed.

I saw the following on The Old Crone's Corner and thought I would share:

Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)
Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus. Element: Water.
Deity: Freya
Attracts Success, Love, Luck

The leaves of the Strawberry plant have diuretic and astringent properties which, taken as a tea, can treat intestinal and urinary problems. Consumption of the leaf also purifies the blood and may be taken to treat night sweats and stimulate digestion. Strawberries are rich in antioxidents and Vitamin C. Eating Strawberries improves heart health, memory function and can help decrease blood pressure. Use with caution as some people are allergic.

The leaves of the Strawberry are a particularly powerful magical protective charm for expecting mothers. The fruit is served to attract love, the leaves are carried for luck and protection.

Folklore tells that Strawberries are much loved by the Fae. The fruit is laid out to appease mischievous fairies as offerings in the hopes that happy well fed Fae will assist by strengthening crops and bringing good health and increased production to domestic livestock.

Another tale is to be careful with whom you share a double Strawberry. It is destined that the two of you may fall in love.

If you have a birthmark that is the size, shape and/or color of a Strawberry, this was seen as a sign of a Witch. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) 
Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mercury. Element: Air. 
Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Happiness, Peace
Deities: Cernunnos, Cirse, Hecate, Medea.
Also known as Elf Leaf, Spike, Nardus, Spikenard

Since ancient times, Lavender has been used for its magickal and healing properties. The Greeks called it the Witches herb, and associated it with the goddess Hecate. They used it for insomnia, insanity and aching backs. The Romans used it in public baths, to purify the air and burned it to ease labor pains. Early Egyptians used Lavender in preparation of the linens to wrap their dead.

Lavender has strong antiseptic qualities. It has an analgesic effect on the skin, which helps with pain relief, but it is the antiseptic and stimulant properties which make it very effective for use on wounds and burns. Lavender repels insects. Hang a pouch with some dried Lavender in your closets to keep moths away.

Magickally, Lavender is used in a variety of ways. It can be used in spells for protection, success, cleansing, good luck, attraction, healing, longevity, to communicate with entities, dream magick and protection against the evil eye.

Lavender in the home brings peace, joy and healing. It is used to
balance yin and yang energies. Hang a bunch of Lavender flowers by your front door to repel negativity and fill your home with love.

Some people carry it on them for strength, courage, to attract love or as a charm for protection.
It can be added to purification baths. Run bathwater over fresh sprigs or place a few drops of oil in the bath.
The dried flowers, burned as an incense or a few fresh sprigs placed under your pillow can help induce a peaceful sleep. Meditation with the scent of Lavender can aid in uplifting your spirits and relieving depression.

Lavender has been used for sleep divination.
Think of a wish and place lavender flowers under your pillow. Do this just prior to your sleeping time in the night. By morning, if you dream of anything relating to your wish, you will get what you desire. However, if you do not dream, or if they are not connected with your wish, it will not manifest.

Lavender Mint Tea

1/4 cup fresh lavender petals
1 cup fresh mint leaves
4 cups water

Place lavender petals and mint leaves into a saucepan,
pour water over lavender and mint, and bring to a boil.
Turn heat to low and simmer tea until flavor is your
desired strength, 15 to 20 minutes.
Strain out mint and lavender petals and serve tea hot.
If you prefer, let strained tea cool serve over ice.


Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by Susan Gregg
All Recipes Lavender Mint Tea

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Success Spell

I am a firm believer that spells should be customized to fit one's individual needs. You don't need special magickal implements. A candle from the Dollar Store works just as good as a much more expensive New Age shop. It is all setting your intentions. The magick isn't in the candle, it is inside yourself. The candle, or any other prop, is just a way to channel and strengthen your magick.

With that said...

If you are wanting to cast a success spell, I believe a star shaped candle is your best option. My human just happened to find a pack for three star shaped candles at a 1/2 off Goodwill sale that we used for the spell that found her the perfect job.

If you aren't able to find a star shaped candle I might also suggest a star shaped holder. These pretty Himalayan tee light holders are very nice. Himalayan candle holders offer another benefit of purifying and ionizing the air. We keep a Himalayan lamp burning all the time in the living room and the human has two Himalayan candle holders in her bathroom that are beneficial to use when taking an Epsom salt soak. Something any witch should do at least 3-4 times a week. The human particularly likes Dr. Teal's Chamomile.

Now back to the spell...

Find a comfortable location where you can sit quietly and visualize your intentions while holding that candle. Holding the candle allows you to pour your energy into the candle and strengthens the candle's potency.

After having a clear idea of what you want, write this down on an index card. 

Then place the card under your candle and light it while visualizing your intentions once again.

Let the candle burn until the wax covers the card and leave the card on a windowsill until you get your results.

The human did this spell on a Monday right before applying to a job she found of interest.

The next day she got a phone call to schedule the interview.

The day after the interview she was offered the job.

So, there you have it... a simple and easy spell to attain success.

And so it is...
And so it shall be...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Manic Monday

I guess a lot of y'all, much like my human, aren't too fond of Mondays. That whole wake up early, get dressed, and drive somewhere thing is such a pain in the ass. Luckily, that wasn't something I had to deal with in my previous incarnation.

When I first moved to Tampa in early 1964 my beloved strongly suggested I get a job. I didn't exactly see the point since he'd set me up in a decent little apartment, but he said he'd get me a car to replace the Stingray that Roger made me give back to him after our nasty breakup. The little 1961 MG convertible wasn't nearly as awesome as my Stingray, but it was a pleasant shade of orange. So I put on one of my knockoff Chanel suits I'd made myself and set out with the intention of hitting up a few of the nicer local boutiques to see if they might be in need of a seamstress.

I scored in the first shop I set foot in, a little place on Armenia within walking distance of my beloved's office. The lady who owned the place was quite impressed with my suit and couldn't believe I'd sewn the whole thing myself with out even cutting out a pattern. I just saw a photo of Jackie Kennedy, thought I liked her outfit, and went from there.

The nice lady suggested I work with her on the sales floor during the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to get to know her clientele and then I could stay in the back in sew on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The salary was quite nice for 1964 so I became a working girl.

That lasted about 2 1/2 months. My beloved quickly realized that my working was cutting into our fun time. And that his wife liked to frequent the boutique. Plus I really wasn't very good about coming in on time or talking to people I didn't care for. The shop owner really did admire my seamstress skills though, so she agreed that I could come in a couple of days a week to collect my orders for alterations or custom jobs and then return them a few days later. This allowed me to work from home at my own pace and we had a nice arrangement that lasted through the 1980's. I even sold a few of my custom pieces on consignment as well as my spell candles under the guise of pretty little colorful candles.

That arrangement gave me plenty of spending money and allowed me the freedom to work on my own terms. I was terrible sad when the shop owner decided to retire in the early '80's. I decided I should retire as well since I didn't care much for the new owners of the place. So I guess my first job was really the only job I ever really held.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pearl Handled Pistols and Preparation H

The human always enjoys a good Katie (her past life incarnation) story, so here is one I shared with her last night...

It was a rainy New York day in the spring of 1963 that I'd planned on spending in bed with Roger when got called away on some type of impromptu business meeting. Instead of allowing me to lounge around the hotel room swilling champagne, he forced me to get dressed and dragged me off to lunch at one of the restaurants owned by Katie's husband.

As always, she barged over to our table with a drink in hand and her boobs about to jump out the front of a low cut black silk dress that left me feeling a bit under, or maybe it was over dressed, in my simple cotton pheasant blouse and flowing skirt. I always found Katie to be a tab bit intimidating with her ever present red lipstick, overflowing cleavage, dark hair coiffed in a perfect up-do, and designer clothes. Mind you, I was only 18, finally legal, but pretending to be going on twenty, while she was in her forties. Let's just say, Katie was a presence no matter what time of the day or night we happen to encounter her.

"Why don't you take Dess shopping?" Roger said to Katie, his eyes hovering more toward her breasts than her eyes. "Help her select a new outfit for a night out on the town."

"She sure could use my help," Katie said coldly, as she pursed her red lips.

Roger whipped out his wallet and handed me a stack of bills that made dollar signs dance in her dark eyes.

Well, Katie, paraded me down 5th Avenue and didn't stop until I'd spend almost all of Roger's cash. Then she proceeded to trail me back to our hotel room, determined to get me all preened up for Roger's approval.

I'll admit the black strappy cocktail dress she'd insisted I purchase did make me look much more sophisticated, especially when paired with a pair of dangerous black spiked heels, and fishnet stockings. Roger always did love me in high heels.

After dressing me, she sat me down in front of the vanity to do my face, dumping the contents of her purse on the table to retrieve her makeup. I was shocked to see a pink pearl handled pistol amid gobs of makeup. 

"A girl's always got to be prepared to defend herself," she said, causally holding up the gun. "Graham helped me pick this one out. Isn't it darling?"

My cheeks burned as memories of the few times I'd shared a bed with him. And I have to admit, the very thought of her out gun shopping with the man I would soon grow to adore, made me jealous enough to want to see what else might be in her purse. I couldn't help but to titter at the sight of an almost empty tube of Preparation H

"What's that for?" I said, hoping to embarrass her.

"You mean Roger never shared my little secret with you?"

If she meant that Roger knew she had hemorrhoids, then no, Roger had never been brazen to discuss her asshole with me.

Before I could ponder exactly how Roger would know the condition of her asshole, Katie brazenly went over to his travel bag and pulled out a matching, although less used, tube of hemorrhoid cream. Knowing that there was nothing at all wrong with Roger's fine ass, now she had me quite curious.

"Forget about fancy expensive creams," she said, running to the mirror to dab a little of Roger's cream beneath her eye. "Nothing gets rid of puffy eyes better than this stuff. How else do you think Roger looks so bright eyed and bushy tailed the morning after a night out on the town?"

I'd never given it much thought, but I suppose she did have a point. And the fact that she'd shared such intimate makeup tricks with Roger...

As if she'd read my mind, she said, "Darling, Roger and I go way back." She smiled smugly as she put the tub back in his bag. "I was turning Roger on before you were even born."

After getting me made up she gathered up her accessories and paused when she came to a pretty silver compact with peacocks on the lid, much like the one pictured above. She placed the compact in my hand. "Since you're almost as pretty as a peacock, this should be yours."

"Thanks," I stammered.

"Oh, I've held onto that cheap little thing way too long." She laughed disdainfully. "Ask Roger if he remembers it?"

To be continued...