Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Guide Duties

Your spirit guide can help you with all kinds of things.

Misplaced something? Ask your guide to help you find it.

Need a good parking place? Ask your guide to save you a prime parking spot.

There all all kinds of parlor tricks we can perform for your amusement. Requests for such simple tasks are a good way to open the lines of communication with your guide.

I like to pick songs to play on my human's iTunes when she puts it on shuffle. It is a simple exercise you can do with your guide. Ask them some type of question you have been wondering about and then tell them you would like an answer in the form of the song that plays when you click shuffle on the iTunes. Think about the meaning of the song and then thank your guide for responding.

My most important and main assignment in working with my human is being her gateway for communication with the other side. That is how this whole mediumship thing works. Your guide opens the door to the other side and has complete control on who does or doesn't come through. Consider us the phone operators of the universe.

Want to know how to spot a phony medium? That would be any medium who doesn't give full credit to their guides. That Long Island Medium on TLC is phony as all get out. Spirits don't just pop in and out like that. Any guide worth a shit has absolute control over when and if spirits come through.

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you a few things a guide can't do. Until then, don't forget about our book, Give it to Your Guide.

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