Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a very good mother. I knew this was something I wasn't cut out to do as soon as I realized I was pregnant with Amalie. My Beloved was thrilled that I was with child, but in all honesty if abortion had been legal in 1969 I would have sneaked away and gotten one. When Amalie was born that September I tried to get my sister to take the baby back to Raleigh with her, but Olivia wasn't having any of that. She was excellent in fulfilling her auntly duties when we were together, but most of the time she was in Raleigh and I was in Tampa.

Carmella was the best Auntie ever and pretty much Amalie's surrogate mother. She did all she could to help me with such a huge responsibility. When Amalie was a small child Carmella was so busy with her work as a midwife that she couldn't always be there for us, try as she might.

The person who never got the credit she so much deserved was my Beloved's sweet mother. She was a strong woman and she loved Amalie unconditionally. How many women would have been so accepting of a child her very favorite son fathered outside of his marriage? I didn't think it was fair to expect her to be close to me, but she was always there for Amalie any time she was needed. My biggest regret maybe that I didn't leave Amalie with her Grammy when I ran away to Raleigh that last time after my Beloved's demise. Amalie's Grammy made sure that her illegitimate grandchild was given a part of her son's estate. We probably would not have gotten anything if not for her.

I don't even know how many times in the early 1970's that I would get all frazzled and call Grammy in tears. She would calmly tell me to bring Amalie over to her house. Or if I was really freaking out she would come get her and keep Amalie until I was able to recompose. Maybe sometimes being a good mother is knowing what you can't handle and having someone there you know you can count on. I definitely had that in my Beloved's mother.

In Always we tell the story of how Amalie was introduced to her Grammy. It is the sweetest and cleanest of all my stories and only .99 cents.

This short story was channeled to Jezebel Jorge from her spirit guide, Odessa, along with a little assistance from her beloved.

Odessa’s beloved takes her out on a special Mother’s Day date to meet his mom. Graham’s recently widowed mother is in for quite a surprise when she finds out her favorite son has fathered a child with an empathic medium.

His witchy red haired mistress stuns them all when she channels his deceased father to give them all a message from the other side.

 ***Warning*** Other than Odessa dropping a couple of F–Bombs, this one isn't nearly as smutty as her other stories.

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