Monday, May 16, 2016

Prosperity Magick

Over the weekend we attended a class at Draconis Arcanum on prosperity magick. One of the topics covered was a prosperity bowl. I thought it was a nifty idea so I had the human set one up this morning. 

Our main prosperity goal is to find a means to move to Tampa. Thus we began by printing a photo of our desired location and added it to the bowl. 

We topped the photo with green prosperity rice. It is food colored rice mixed with shredded money. Ours was provided by the shop owner Rebecca's personal stash. In the class we also learned to add a bit of the old green rice to every new batch you create to keep the energy going forward.

A prosperity bowl is a personal thing where you can really add anything you want to customize your desires. As you probably know, the human and I don't really play by any specific magickal rules. We pull from a bit of this and a dash of that and then advise on what suits her needs the best.

We added a Reiki pendant to keep all the human's charkas open and balanced.

A silver heart was added to invite new love into her life.

Our lucky frog sets of the mix nicely as a personal trinket of fortune.

For our stones we went with hematite for focus, courage, and confidence. And citrine for for success and prosperity.

We finished off with loose change she finds on her walks with the Harry beast.

In the class it was suggested to have a God or Goddess with you work closely with to watch over your bowl. We went with a photo of my Beloved instead. :-) He was good at making money, so ought to be a good protector and mojo stirrer for our bowl.

After the bowl was completed we added a white candle for positive and radiant energy, stated our intentions, and cast our prosperity spell.

We will relight the candle with a regular frequency to keep the magick coming and also drop in any more spare change found on our walks.

So, there you have it, how to create a prosperity bowl.

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