Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Scratching An Itch

I thought I would repurpose one of my previous blogs from our WitchLitChick Blog.

 Remember how in Witchcraft I told Roger I had never practiced manipulative magick on him? Well... Any hoo... I might  not have been exactly honest. Although I should preface that before I do any spell work I always light a white protection candle to ask Goddess for protection and I clearly state that if it is not in the best interest or will of the person I am working my magick on then mote it shall be. Of course, y'all know Roger always had it in is will for a little Dessie loving. 

My human, Jezebel, is quite adept with working a penis candle. But, I believe it's time I came forward and told her she's been doing it all wrong. 

For starters, I always made my own candles, but if you aren't as gifted as me here is a good link to order them. My candles were very potent for a number of reasons. I always made the red ones during a new moon and the black to be charged under a full moon. You know, that whole new beginnings and getting rid of things moon cycles. I also infused my wax with a little pee-pee and on occasion, menstrual blood. 

The pee works just like a dog marking his territory. I'm injecting my dominance over the situation. 

If you want to fire up your sex life go with red, if you want love go with pink, if you want family harmony go with blue and always make sure you've got menstrual blood in the wax. I've never used the white, but it's for attracting a new lover. Black is one of my personal favorites because it is used to make a man behave when he is not in your presence. This one gets extra pee and always menstrual blood. Say, your man is going out of town for a couple of weeks. The day he leaves I pee on the black candle and that night I light up the candle on him and poof his dick will stay limp as long as I keep working that candle. It's always nice to clean him up with a red or pink (only if you really do love the dude) upon his return. Just ask my Beloved about the power of my black candle spells. ;-) 

Okay, now down to business... I always used the 7 year itch spell when I developed a certain itch that only Roger knew how to scratch. I'd get to missing him and I'd make an extra special red candle molded in the likeness of his most handsome cock. My Roger was quite well endowed, so it was bigger than my usual candles. I would add my pee and menstrual blood and the fragrance I always made for Roger (It smells like sex) to the wax and after making the candle I would charge it by using it as a dildo to get some lady juice on it. I would also make a vagina candle with a dose of pee and jasmine (Roger's favorite scent on me) in the wax. 

It is very important to NEVER ever use a penis candle by itself if you are trying to spice up your sex life. If you get him all fired up there is no telling where he might wind up sticking his dick. That would be especially true of Roger. Not so much my Beloved, but it's best not to take any chances. 

On the morning of, I get the penis candle all nice and juicy with a little self loving and then I pee on the vagina candle. That night I carve the name of my lover on the penis candle and etch my name on the vagina candle. I light my white protection candle and incense to fit my mood. Then I very clearly state my intentions for what I want to happen. For the next six days I light the candles at the time I want Roger to ring me up and leave both candles burning until I go to bed. Before extinguishing the candles I drip wax from the penis candle on the vagina candle and vice versa. Each day I move the candles a little closer together until they are... Well, you get the picture... 

After working this spell Roger always called me to plan a visit. Most of the time we were bobbing like bunnies by the seventh day. This spell had a 100% success rate for me when used on Roger. I never tried it on my Beloved because I didn't have the patience to wait 7 days to see him and we rarely went that long without seeing each other, unless I was off visiting my sister or he was out of town on an extended tour. During those times you had better believe I had a heavily pissed on black candle going on his dick to keep him in line. 

So, there you  have it. Fill free to modify as you wish to do so. Magick, after all, is a deeply personal experience. If you do have to buy your candles, don't forget to anoint them with your favorite oils. Don't be afraid to try spicing them up with some pee, menstrual blood, or lady juices. 

Love and light... 


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