Thursday, June 30, 2016


I am afraid I have been rather remiss in keeping up with the bloggings. However, something today sparked my attention and got my human's fingers to flowing. Today we listened to Chris Jericho's podcast that featured Sandra Toffoloni, Nancy Benoit's sister. In case you've been living under a rock go Google Chris Benoit and June 22-24 of 2007. Or you can buy the book. Then go listen to that podcast. 

The photo below is the way I prefer to remember Nancy. She was just a cute little girl when I first met her selling programs at the Eddie Graham Sports Complex in Orlando. According to her sister in the podcast, Nancy was all of 16 at the time. Right about the same age I was when I began my affair with a man we'll refer to as Roger.

The Nancy I knew was sweet and spunky and there was no denying her natural beauty. To say that a lot of the wives, girl friends, and rats were intimidated by her would have been a serious understatement. But she had a way of winning people over. Even at such a young age she instantly picked up on the fact that my man (no, not old Roger) was who he was and it was in her best interest to play nice with me. In fact, he asked me to keep an eye on her when she moved to Tampa to make sure she wasn't getting in over her head with her situation with Kevin Sullivan. I genuinely liked the chick, so I was happy to oblige.

It was Nancy who alerted me to the fact that my man was getting a little side action from a very age inappropriate little rat. A black penis candle soon took care of that and we later had a good laugh about it. I can assure you that when I moved back to Raleigh in early 1985 he wasn't getting any from anyone. After the spellwork I'd done on him he couldn't have gotten it up if his life had depended on it, but that is a story for another day.

Nancy was the one who called me at my sister's house to tell me what had happened to by beloved that horrid January Sunday evening. I'll never forget her kindness in the onset of my darkest days.

I think that is what saddened me most about her tragic death. We both loved our men in a way that ultimately lead to both of our demise. I can only hope her next incarnation will be a little less brutal than what she endured at the end of the last time around.

Fallen Angel, she CWF ring name, was most appropriate in the grand scheme of things...