Thursday, July 21, 2016


I am beyond grateful that my human possesses the gift of clairaudience. If not for that, ours would not be such a deep and wonderful relationship. Just in case you don't know what that is - Clairaudience is the ability to verbally communicate with spirit. My human hears me and all our spiritual guests as little, okay sometimes loud, voices inside her head.

We did a bit of research today to confirm something we have always suspected. Clairaudients are hypersensitive to external noise. Sound machines are a clairaudients best friend because these devices drown out what might otherwise be extremely annoying external noise. The human sleeps with one playing ocean waves and thankfully the company she works for has a soothing sound played through out the office.

Here are a few interesting links you can check out on the subject:

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Number 3 on that last link was a huge, well duh, moment of clarity for the human:
you hear knocking, footsteps, creaking noises.

This is actually a sign that you can hear the movement of Spirit around you.

I don't know why that had never occurred to us before, but makes so much sense.

Before buying her home the human lived in an apartment complex below someone we'll refer to as The Stomper. Dude was doing some serious actual stomping, but some of it may have been spirit activity. Especially considering she sometimes still hears footsteps around her at night when there is no one human or animal (well other than the snakeys who don't stomp around) hiding in her attic.

In addition to that... fireworks freak her the fuck out. People at a distance talking too loudly. Kids crying and screaming in stores. Any type of repetitive noise. And dare I mention how her psycho ex used to have the TV on with a radio blaring and be watching something with audio on the computer.

It is a wonder she didn't commit ultra mega mass homicide.

So, what can you do help that special clairaudient in your life?

Shut the fuck up!
Give them quiet time and space.
Buy them a sound machine and insist they use that fucker religiously.

Of course, if you happen to be the spirit guide of a human with this wonderful gift it is a imperative that you learn to properly and strongly shield your human for excessive contact with chatty spirits.

We've found it works best that I make all ghostly visitors ring a rotary phone or door bell to announce themselves. That way the spirits get the human's undivided attention that they so crave, all why I am keeping my human's sanity intact.

Got any further questions? Shoot me a comment.

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