Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Throwing Down The Nasty

My human and I throwing down with some dark magick tonight and I thought I'd share a little something I learned from my Tante Jubilee, Carmella's mother by birth and my from the heart. She learned this from Mamman Merci. If you've read any of the human's Ring Dreams books you might recall that name. Yeppers, she was a real person and quite the accomplished VooDoo Priestess in New Orleans. Tante Jubilee was a HooDoo practitioner herself, and yes there is a huge difference between VooDoo and HooDoo, but we won't get into that on this blog.

As you should know by now, the human and I take an eclectic approach to our witchcraft, picking and choosing from a variety of paths to go with what works best for us. The human has past life experience in VooDoo that she is just now beginning to embrace into the study of HooDoo. But that is a discussion for another day.

Today we shall discuss a special brand of revenge that we shall call our Throwing Down The Nasty Spell. This is for when someone has done you or yours wrong and you want to give karma an extra dose of justice.

There are several different oils you can use to anoint a candle for some dark magick, but none work better or is so easily at your disposal as your own urine. If you need to dominate or mark your territory take a lesson from your dog and use what comes naturally, your very own pee pee.

If you don't have a black figure candle you can use just a plain black candle.

Carve the name of the person you want to inflict your own special brand of justice on and then carve their name into the wax.

Then go potty and collect your special sauce.

Place the candle in a glass jar and anoint it with your urine and let it seep until you are ready to cast your spell.

There just so happens to be a full moon tonight. All the better for amping up your power and getting your witch on. A good thunderstorm will also work for upping your mojo.

If you are one of those bide the rede kind of chickas you might want to light a white tea light candle for protection. We prefer to light up a dark one to call upon our bitchy ancestors.

Call upon your powers however you see fit. As mentioned above me invoke our ancestors because none work better to protect you than those of your own blood.

State your nasty intentions aloud and light your candle. Hold the candle and pour all your energy and intentions into the flame. Once you feel your plea has been properly addressed leave the candle in the window to evoke the powers of a storm or place it outside to soak up the power of a full moon.

When your candle has burned your spell is complete and someone is in for one heck of a heaping helping of proper retribution.

You're welcome...

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